Sell Your Car Today prides itself on our enormous inventory of the latest and lowest-mileage used cars and trucks. One of the ways we’ve been able to keep growing our massive selection of quality vehicles is through investing in vehicles just like yours. Whether you’re looking to put the value of your car or truck toward a newer model or you’re just looking to sell your car or truck for a fair price, we’re here to help. We have helped numerous customers extract the maximum value from their current vehicle and walk away satisfied. Call today at 929-224-3003 so we can start the appraisal process.

How to Sell Your Car to

The process of selling your car begins with a call to our friendly and knowledgeable service professionals to schedule an appraisal. We will then evaluate the car based upon commonly accepted criteria, including age, mileage, condition and other variables. prides ourselves on offering fair and equitable amounts on customers’ used cars or trucks, and we trust that you’ll be happy with our offer. Our car-purchasing services represent a viable alternative to trying to sell your car online and waiting months to collect the receivables while you get an offer you’re happy with. Let our team make you an offer.

Advantages of Selling Your Car to

When you try and sell your car privately, it can take months for an offer with which you’re satisfied to come in. In the meantime, the money that you may very well need from your sale is tied up. While many dealerships and leasing agents try to low-ball customers when they try to sell their cars, offers the most competitive prices in the industry, whether you’re looking to sell or trade your current car or truck. Contact our trusted and reliable sales professionals today at 929-224-3003 to learn more. Our team very much looks forward to hearing from you.

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